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Best-selling author and Lutheran pastor Nadia Bolz-Weber pastors a small church in Denver, at the same time that she has become more of a celebrity and well-known writer.

She is fiercely protective of her congregation, House for All Sinners and Saints, in Denver, Colorado. "The are very willing to share me," she says, referring to her rising celebrity status, "but when I am there, I need to be their pastor. Not take selfies."

In our conversation, Bolz-Weber discusses her conservative upbringing, her addiction and recovery, and her journey to become a pastor and church planter. We talk about her new book, Accidental Saints: Finding God in All the Wrong People.

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Fr. Stephen Katsouros, SJ, talks about Arrupe College, a new dimension of Jesuit education designed to reach the students at the margins

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The Christian Gospels, and the holy writings of many religions, focus on the importance of welcome and fellowship. Our guest, Joshua Jipp, speaks to us about the centrality of hospitality to religious traditions, and we discuss his new book, Saved by Faith and Hospitality.

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The Rev. Dr. Shanta Premawardhana is helping to train leaders in contextual theology for the 21st century.

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Attorney John Mauck has spent decades on the front lines of religious freedom litigation. We discuss his new book, Jesus in the Courtroom: How Believers Can Engage the Legal System for the Good of His World.

We discussed Mauck's role in the passage of the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act (RLUIPA) in a previous episode, The Miracle on Capitol Hill.

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On Palm Sunday in 1990, attorney Jeanne Bishop received a phone call with the news that three members of her family - including her sister - had been brutally murdered. We take the full hour of our show this week to hear Bishop's account of her twenty-five-year journey towards forgiveness and reconciliation with her sister's killer.

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This hour we revisit our interview with actor and director Curt Cloninger, who has spent 30 years traveling the country performing thoughtful and thought-provoking one-man shows.

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Kenneth Briggs went on a road trip to discover the condition of the Bible in America. What he found may surprise you.

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Jason Micheli has cancer, and its not going away. His recent book, Cancer is Funny, is an honest, heartfelt reckoning with the reality of mortality and the Gospel.

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We revisit our award-winning talk with Nancy Ellen Abrams, author of A God That Could Be Real: Spirituality, Science, and the Future of Our Planet, about new discoveries in cosmology and their profound effect on our understanding of the universe and religion.

In 2016 this episode won a national award for excellence in radio and podcasting from the Religion News Association.

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