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For Earth Day, we welcome back Boston Law Professor Jay Wexler to talk about his recent book, When God Isn't Green, which finds him exploring the points around the globe where religion and environmentalism come into conflict.

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Around the world, Catholic and Protestant Christians are making preparations for Holy Week, a series of worship services leading up Easter, the day that Christians proclaim Jesus Christ was raised from the dead. During the day known as Good Friday,there is a tradition in many Christian communities to reflect on a series of phrases known as the "Seven Last Words" of Jesus as he hung on the cross.

We speak with Fr. James Martin about his book, Seven Last Words, a collection of his meditations on the final hours of Jesus, and what it means for believers and nonbelievers alike. 

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Marge Nykaza is the founder and director of Harmony, Hope and Healing - a ministry to homeless and under-resourced families across the Chicago area. The most visible part of the ministry is choral groups composed of the homeless - but as Nykaza points out, their work is much more about the soul repair, which happens through the music.

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On Palm Sunday in 1990, attorney Jeanne Bishop received a phone call with the news that three members of her family - including her sister - had been brutally murdered. We take the full hour of our show this week to hear Bishop's account of her twenty-five-year journey towards forgiveness and reconciliation with her sister's killer.

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This hour we revisit our interview with actor and director Curt Cloninger, who has spent 30 years traveling the country performing thoughtful and thought-provoking one-man shows.

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Jason Micheli has cancer, and its not going away. His recent book, Cancer is Funny, is an honest, heartfelt reckoning with the reality of mortality and the Gospel.

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We revisit our award-winning talk with Nancy Ellen Abrams, author of A God That Could Be Real: Spirituality, Science, and the Future of Our Planet, about new discoveries in cosmology and their profound effect on our understanding of the universe and religion.

In 2016 this episode won a national award for excellence in radio and podcasting from the Religion News Association.

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Kenneth Briggs went on a road trip to discover the condition of the Bible in America. What he found may surprise you.

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We revisit our 2014 interview with Reza Aslan. In early March, Aslan will premiere "Believer," a new documentary series on CNN

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#1401a - Emerging, Emergence, Emergent: Phyllis Tickle [Rebroadcast]

We're rebroadcasting our 2014 interview with the late Phyllis Tickle. In our conversation we explore the idea that our culture has been shaped by roughly 500-year cycles, which have helped define our major religious traditions for the past two millennia. According to Tickle, our present epoch - referred to by some as "The Great Emergence" - has the potential to yield a new Christianity distinct from Protestantism, Catholicism, and Orthodoxy. Dr. Tickle passed away in 2016.

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