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#1512a - The Fear of Islam: Dr. Todd Green [Rebroadcast]

Todd Green returns to our show to discuss his new book, The Fear of Islam: an Introduction to Islamophobia in the West.

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#1513a - Soul Repair: Rev. Dr. Rita Nakashima Brock

We speak to Rita Nakashima Brock, one of the scholars working on the issue of moral injury and co-author of the book Soul Repair

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#1515am - Civic Virtue: John Danforth on Religion and Politics

For our first radio broadcast, we revisit a conversation with Senator John Danforth

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#1625 - An Interfaith Ecology: Rev. Brian Sauder

Faith In Place works across Illinois to empower congregations to care for our common environment. We talk to their Executive Director, Rev. Brian Sauder

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#1201 - Women in Ministry: Stacy Smith [Rebroadcast]

This week, we revisit our FIRST EVER EPISODE, with the Rev. Dr. Stacy Smith. She is the author of Bless Her Heart:Life as a Young Clergy Woman, and she is the former editor of Church Health Reader magazine.

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#1514b - Tales from Pakistan: Saadia Faruqi [Rebroadcast]

We revisit our 2015 interview with Pakistani-American author Saadia Faruqi

The power of narrative to create understanding and empathy is well known. Pakistani-American author Saadia Faruqi has written a new book of short stories, Brick Walls, that brings us seven stories that introduce American readers to the people and the land of her birth.

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#1626 - Report from Standing Rock: Taylor Gould

We speak to seminary student Taylor Gould about her recent visit to the Standing Rock site, where hundreds of pastors converged to support the resistance efforts of the Native Americans who call themselves the "Water Protectors" at the Dakota Access Pipeline.

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Religion Moment: November 17: Undermining the Initative

In today's Religion Moment, Katy Scrogin discusses a massacre in Luxor

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#1624 - Called to the Contrast: Noel W. Sterett

Chicago attorney Noel W. Sterett fights for religious liberties for those of all faiths, as a way of expressing his Christian witness.

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Religion Moment: November 16, 2016 - A Nobel for the Mechanic

In today's Religion Moment, Katy Scrogin discusses Portuguese poet and novelist José de Sousa Saramago

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