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In this powerful interview, Loyola University professor timone davis recounts her journey from doubt and anger back to a fiery faith

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We revisit a 2016 interview with Bishop Spong to mark the release of his new book, Unbelievable: Why Neither Ancient Creeds Nor the Reformation Can Produce a Living Faith Today

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Jessica Mesman Griffith is a spiritual writer and curator of artistic communities for curious and wandering souls. We discuss her recent projects and events, as well as her own journey from brokenness to healing and community.

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We discuss Dr. Schmisek's book, The Rome of Peter and Paul, as well as the Institute for Pastoral Studies at Loyola University Chicago

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Joel Hamernick moved with his family to a poor neighborhood in south Chicago with a lot of big ideas about how he could make things better. Over time, his neighbors taught him how to actually make a difference. This is a frank conversation about race, privilege, and the power of humble faith.

Joel Hamernick is the executive director of Sunshine Gospel Ministries and Sunshine Enterprises, based in Woodlawn, a neighborhood on Chicago's south side.

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Fr. Gregory Boyle, SJ is the founder of Homeboy Industries in L.A. We talk about his three decades of work to heal the trauma of gang violence in the city, and discuss his new book, Barking at the Choir: The Power of Radical Kinship.

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Mark Galli, editor in chief of Christianity Today, has written an accessible biography of Karl Barth, as an introduction for Evangelicals and others who might benefit from the work of this great theologian.

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Antonio 'Ton' Sison is a theologian, film critic, and film maker. We talk to him about his new book, The Sacred Foodways of Film

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Mahany's new book, Motherprayer, is a meditation on divine love, seen through the lens of mothering love.

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We revisit our far-ranging conversation with Diana Butler Bass. Her recent book Grounded: Finding God in the World--A Spiritual Revolution is now out in paperback

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